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Crestor or rosuvastatin helps to maintain a healthy level of cholesterol.

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Information about Crestor.

Active-Controlled StudyCRESTOR was compared with the HMGCoA reductase inhibitors atorvastatinsimvastatinand pravastatin in a multicenteropen-labeldose-ranging study of 2240 patients with hyperlipidemia or mixed dyslipidemiaAfter randomizationpatients were treated for 6 weeks with a single daily dose of either CRESTORatorvastatinsimvastatinor pravastatinFigure 1 and Table 7

Crestor side effects include muscle pain and damageCrestor is also linked to cataractskidney and liver damageand a possible increased risk for developing diabetes.

In pregnant rabbits given 0.31and 3 mg/kg/day of rosuvastatin from gestation day 6 to day 18decreased fetal viability and maternal mortality was observed at 3 mg/kg/daydose equivalent to the MRHD of 40 mg/day based on body surface area

The following serious adverse reactions are discussed in greater detail in other sections of the label:

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